Sam Smith
January 2011


Column 6, ARTSPACE

Jai McKenzie wrote on Sam Smith's Permutation Set exhibition at ARTSPACE, Sydney. The text appears as part of Column 6, published by ARTSPACE. 


Listening, speaking and performing are the threads that bind the works and texts platformed in issue 6 of Column, covering Artspace’s artistic program of January to September 2010. Beginning with Sean Lowry’s timely observations on the relationship between music and visually centred cultural formations, Column 6 follows the voice as it makes itself heard across works by Tony Birch & Tom Nicholson, Tamar Guimarães, Sam James, Ms & Mr, Jayce Salloum, Sam Smith and Wilkins Hill. The issue also sees greater priority given to artist pageworks as a means of expanding the possible uses of the publication, with the contribution of significant projects by Simon Denny, Sean Rafferty and Justene Williams on logic, mapping and spanglemachine makers.


Column is a bi-annual periodical that acts as a site for the critical contextualisation, elaboration and extension of Artspace’s ongoing program of exhibitions, performances, residencies and public programs.

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2 - 3 November 2010


Sanctioned Array, New York

Sam Smith was part of two Sanctioned Array screenings on November 2nd and 3rd at WHITE BOX, New York.

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1 October 2010


videoArt, Szczecin, Poland

3 works by Sam Smith were included in videoArt, an artist video program as part of the 19th dokumentART: European Film Festival for Documentaries.

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Sept 2010


Art & Australia

Permutation Set reviewed by Anneke Jaspers in Art & Australia Vol 48 No 1 Spring 2010.

+ Art & Australia Vol 48 No 1


27 - 30 May 2010



Sam Smith will be part of the Grantpirrie Gallery, Sydney booth at the Hong Kong International Art Fair.

+ ART HK10


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