Sam Smith
6 - 30 March 2014


Form Variations at Künstlerhaus Bethanien

For his exhibition at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Sam Smith presents the new video installation titled Form Variations (2014). Encompassing video, sculpture and architectural elements, the project looks at the relationship of the human figure to sculptural form, and more specifically how they are framed within the cinematic lens.


25 Feb - 10 May 2014


Scanlines - remix

Presented by dLux Media Arts

Curated by Sarah Vandepeer


With work by:

Fabian Astore, Denis Beaubois, Hayley Forward & Jess Olivieri, Ray Harris, Sue Healey, Neil Jenkins, Laresa Kosloff, Tony Lawrence, Dani Marti, Kate Murphy, James Newitt, Sam Smith, Gary Willis & Eva Schramm, Paul Winkler.



23 January, 19 - 22H


Open studios at Künstlerhaus Bethanien

Sam Smith will open his current studio at Künstlerhaus Bethanien presenting a sample of current projects.

+ Künstlerhaus Bethanien Open Studios


22 - 28 January 2014


Online / Offline. Encoding Everyday Life for Vorspeil Transmediale

Sam Smith presents a new generative video work titled 'Frames of Reference' for the latest iteration of the Online / Offline exhibition. 


With: Constant Dullaart, Jodi, Nuria Güell, Sophia Le Fraga, Lindsay Lawson, Eilis Macdonald, Sam Smith and Kandis Williams.

Curated by Lorenzo Sandoval.

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5 - 7 December 2013


As Everything Moves

This exhibition intends to stress the role of the curator as translator by exploring how a shift of approach can uncover and expand the layers within artworks.


In its most basic sense, translation is the conversion of something from one language to another. The translated outcome attempts to maintain the essence of the original, yet inevitably takes on a life of its own. The process of translation implies multiple readings of the same subject, object or concept. This notion is transferable to the art field: it involves actions of repetition, deconstruction, reconfiguration and systematization. Each of these topics recurs within the practice of the five artists in the exhibition: Andrea Canepa, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, Jacob Kirkegaard, Maria Lucrezia Schiavarelli and Sam Smith. Non-art objects related to each topic will act as positions from which to approach the works, highlighting different aspects within each artist’s practice.


Opening and publication launch: 5th December 2013, 18 - 22hr
Exhibition: 6th / 7th December, 12 - 18hr
At: Meinblau e.V.

Christinenstr. 18.19

10119 Berlin




Notes on the Apparatus

Notes on the Apparatus is a live video essay performed as a stream of collaged audio-visual clips. It uses prepared film, video and image material to draw together reference points on cinematic language key to Smith's practice. The work was first performed at Old School #25, a curatorial project by Susana Pomba which presents series of unique one night events in Lisbon.

+ Notes on the Apparatus




Negatives and Inversion

Smith's new work Negatives and Inversion has been added to the website (see links below). The pieces are currently on show as part of the exhibition Frameworks at 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal. 

+ Negatives
+ Inversion


1 July 2013 – 16 June 2014


Künstlerhaus Bethanien

The Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin has selected Sam Smith as its 2013 recipient of the Visual Arts Board year long residency. Smith was selected from a shortlist which was recommended to the selection committee of the Kunstlerhaus by the Visual Arts Board.

+ Künstlerhaus Bethanien
+ Australia Council announcement


29 September 2013, 18:30


Artist Without a Past

Sam Smith in conversation with curator Filipa Oliveira. The presentation at the Jardim de Inverno at the Teatro São Luiz, Lisbon, Portugal will cover Smith's artistic practive and include excerpts from previous work.

+ Event
+ Frameworks exhibition


19 September - 9 November 2013


Frameworks at 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon

For Frameworks, Smith will present a series of individual works completed in 2013. The film, video and sculptural objects explore several binary relationships: positive and negative form; two- and three-dimensional space; forward and backward gaze.


Through the use of mirrors, glass and the cinematographic apparatus the works in the exhibition disrupt and reconfigure the uniform framing of standard motion picture playback. Objects are given dimensionality within the image, architecture is expanded out from static television monitors and physical items are framed inside their own construction.

+ 3+1 Arte Contemporânea


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