Sam Smith
5 March – 10 April 2016


Ways of Looking at Gallery of Contemporary Art, E-WERK

We know the world by how we see it. In the exhibition Ways of Looking contemporary artists are investigating different ways of looking onto the world. The exhibition focuses not only on how new digital media and their apparatus replace systems of looking manifest in cinema or sculpture. It rather asked what kind of new perspectives can emerge at the interfaces of analogue and digital, and how these forms will change our view of reality, history and ourselves.


Curated by Heidi Brunnschweiler

Exhibition: Sat 5.3.–Sun 10.4.2016
Opening: Fri 4.3.2016, 7.30 pm
Performance Sam Smith 7.30; 8.30; 9.30 pm, Gallery II

Performance Sam Smith, Gallery II
Sat 5.3.2016, 6.30; 7.30 pm
Thu 17.3.2016, 6.30; 7.30 pm
Fri 18.3.2016, 6.30; 7.30 pm

Guided Tour, Thu 17.3. 2016, 7 pm
Talk Fri 8.4.2016, 7.30 pm, Mies’ Bilder, Dr. Lutz Robbers, Architekturtheorie RWTH Aachen, in cooperation with the Architekturforum Freiburg (Kammertheater)

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Feb 2016


Documentation of Forma Lenta at CAV, Portugal

Documentation by Miss Dove is now online of the exhibition Sam Smith: Forma Lenta at Centro de Artes Visuais, Portugal.

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16 Jan – 27 Feb 2016


Objects from the Temperate Palm House at Bargain Spot Edinburgh

Objects from the Temperate Palm House is a group exhibition presenting new, existing and commissioned work by eleven early career artists from Scotland, the UK and Europe. The exhibition engages with artists whose practices are overtly object-oriented or sculptural - and asks them to contribute an artwork to be displayed on top of a series of historic palm trunks from the archive of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Curated by Chloe Reith and Kirsty White.


27 November 2015


in other words at Jupiter Woods London

Join us for a lunchtime presentation by artist Sam Smith, who featured in 'this place is really nowhere' at JW back in May with the film 'Slow Fragmentation'. This is the fifth event in a series titled ‘in other words’, unfolding over the course of five weekends in November and December at JupiterWoods.


‘in other words’ is a series of conversational presentations looking more closely at what has been and where we are heading. These lunchtime events are structured around an inversion of the ‘studio visit’ and operate as a stage for conducting research, inviting artistic practitioners to talk about the undercurrents of their work. This is an occasion to dwell deeper within the intentions and gestures underpinning the practices of artists who have exhibited with us over the year. Equally, it acts as an opportunity to look forward and get acquainted with practitioners new to JW, potentially shaping our programme to come.

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26 September 2015


NOTES at Australian Centre for Moving Image

As part of Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival, ACMI hosts the Australian premiere of Smith's NOTES live audio-visual collage, that questions our complicity in the digital consumption of information.

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31 October 2015 - 14 February 2016


Slow Form at Centro de Artes Visuais, Portugal

Curated by Filipa Oliveira

Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico explained that his aim was to construct images that incited a slow- paced gaze. Sam Smith employs a similar strategy. Focusing on the cinematic apparatus and imagination, Smith produces works that expand the concept of film by creating multi-layered, multi-temporal experiences of the image. The experience is one of traversing different realities.

In Smith’s work, and particularly in this exhibition, there is an ingenious interaction, spillage even, between cinema, sculpture and the architectural space. Cinema takes a sculptural turn and sculpture takes a cine- matic turn in an intimate relationship with the exhibition space.

Not only cinema is presented as a slow form, but also art becomes the space for deceleration, for a slow- paced, high-intensity experience of time and image. Smith provokes a tension between the apparatus, the machine and its form and thus presents an expansive form-knowledge experience.

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18 - 27 September 2015


Slow Fragmentation at Screen Space

Smth's commissioned installation Slow Fragmentation opens Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival 2015 at Screen Space

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13 July 2015


Portal Atop a Bus Stop

curated by Erik Martinson

Monday July 13, 2015 at 3:30 - 5:30pm
UCSB Department of Art, Room 1237


The appearance of a weathered VHS copy of Hellraiser atop a bus shelter on Old Kent Road in South London became a kind of urban legend, or at least a puzzle. Since this first occurrence in 2012, there have been other instances, other portals opening, visible from the upper level of double-decker buses. Copycats aside, the content of the bleached VHS case, Clive Barker’s 1987 film, has at its core a puzzle box, the ‘Lament Configuration’. This box, when solved, can suture dimensions. From the other side, the ‘Cenobites’, demonic in appearance, claim the clever individual for a suturing of another kind, between pleasure and pain. A pop mystery, the VHS tape in its odd placement, now a different sort of analog puzzle box, offers a detour on a routine commute. Portals, mundane or not, need a here and there, a clever body to pass through.


Portal Atop a Bus Stop is a screening of international artists’ films and videos (im)materializing in various constellations for a multitude of sites. Erik Martinson is an independent curator currently based in London, UK.



JUST DO IT, Avril Corroon (Ireland), 2014, 6:42

The Eternal Quarter Inch, Jesse McLean (USA), 2008, 9:00

Slow Fragmentation, Sam Smith (Australia), 2015, 5:30

? HS. FS. ZWN-BS. NC. BS, Paul Simon Richards (UK), 2014, 14:00

Figure-ground, Jean-Paul Kelly (Canada), 2013, 4:46

Devil’s Gate, Laura Kraning (USA), 2011, 20:00

Immortality, Home and Elsewhere, Sasha Litvintseva (UK), 2014, 12:28

+ Erik Martinson


27 June - 27 September 2015


How far is here at MAGO

MAGO would like to invite you to How far is here, with works by Emma Waltraud Howes, Kaia Hugin, Stine Marie Jacobsen, Lynne Marsh, Sam Smith and Ciarán Walsh. Resident curator: Charlotte Lalou Rousseau.


Where is here? What does it mean to be here? What happens when you’re not where ‘it’s happening’? How far do we have to go to know where we are?


As resident curator at MAGO for the summer of 2015, Charlotte Lalou Rousseau aims to address exactly her situation, namely questions of contemporary art (epi)centres, specifically issues related to the implantation of international art residencies. What kind of knowledge is produced by displacement for a resident curator, artist, and for the local community? Who is that community? What are the conditions under which such exchanges grow and how to effectively keep them alive? These questions seem particularly relevant in the context of the burgeoning project of MAGO in the communities of Eidsvoll Verk, Oslo and Norway.

How far is here is about potentials of dislocation. The exhibition takes place on the second floor of an obsolete hydroelectricity power plant. We hope to open up artworks by bringing them into a new environment and, conversely, unfold the potentiality of structures through art. In a time when the idea of the international is highly cherished, immobility globally depreciated, and the quest of personal refocusing spreading like plague, we feel the need to make a distinction between agitation and displacement.

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5 July 2015, 8pm


NOTES at De Appel, Amsterdam

NOTES is a live video essay/performance in which a constellation of images from cinema are brought together into a stream of collaged audio-visual vignettes. Fragmented scenes draw together key reference points from Smith's practice, including the mediation of object via the camera eye's flattening gaze, the cinematic framing of landscape, and, through architecture, an audience's complicity in the projection image.


To RSVP, please send an email to


For public events the regular entrance fee + 3 EUR applies.

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