The Horizontal Window
The Horizontal Window, excerpts
In the early 20th century Le Corbusier conceived of what would become ‘Villa Le Lac’. He imagined a structure without a site in mind, a conceptual apparatus for capturing light and opening views on the landscape, a ‘camera house’. The villa is a dialogue between two apertures: a long 11-meter ribbon window facing Lake Geneva, creating views like a celluloid filmstrip; and a smaller, squarer unglazed frame that is cut into the exterior garden wall. Mirroring this, ‘The Horizontal Window’ is shot in two ratios and projected onto a three-dimensional screen built from the geometry of their intersection. ‘The Horizontal Window’ highlights the materiality of glass as an active element in the production of moving images and architectural vistas: a powerful agent with the ability to transmit, reflect and refract light.

The Horizontal Window, installation view, Gallery of Contemporary Art, E-WERK, Freiburg. Photograph: Marc Doradzillo

The Horizontal Window, installation view, The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow International 2016
The Horizontal Window (2016)
Single channel 4K video installation
17:11 minutes

Cinematographer: Mario Krause
Villa Le Lac: Nicole Beuchat, Patrick Moser
Glassmaker: Samuel Clémentin
Voice: John Norman

The Horizontal Window was originally commissioned by the Gallery for Contemporary Art, E-WERK Freiburg; Glasgow International 2016; and The Telfer Gallery, Glasgow

Villa “Le Lac” is a property of Foundation Le Corbusier - Paris
Run by Association Villa “Le Lac” Le Corbusier - Corseaux


Le Corbusier, ‘Une Petite Maison 1923’ and original text

Special thanks:
Nella Aarne, Nicole Beuchat, Heidi Brunnschweiler, Jan Dorosz, Matteo Gonet, Rebecca Howard, Bart Manders, Patrick Moser